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Every year, the Lac du Bonnet Ice Fishing Derby commits the proceeds of our event to help various local community organizations with a variety of projects. Through Granting Opportunities, Bursaries for local students and Community Volunteer Hours, we have injected $129,713 back into the community of Lac du Bonnet.

Last year, with the support of our valued sponsors, 1,039 anglers and outdoors enthusiast took to the ice for their chance to win over $45,000 in cash and prizes. The LdB Ice Fishing Derby returned $19,548 back into the community through numerous Grants, Bursaries, and Community Volunteer Organization Hours.

These injected funds helped bring some worthwhile projects to fruition. Here are just a few ways that our funding recipients put their funds to use:

  • The Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association used their grant funds to upgrade the fishing area at the Lac du Bonnet Trout Pounds.
  • The Lac du Bonnet Trails Association used their grant funds to make upgrades to Blueberry Rock, making the area more accessible to all.
  • The Eureka Group used their grant money to build a monument to J.D. McArthur, the founder of Lac du Bonnet, which will be housed at the Lac du Bonnet Museum.
  • The Destination Imagination and Travel Club students of the Lac du Bonnet Senior School used their C.V.O. Hours to travel and partake in wonderful learning experiences.
  • Two local students were awarded bursaries to help fund their first year of Post-secondary education.

2018 Guideline Criteria

Before preparing your application, please use the checklist below of guideline criteria to self-assess your project idea.

The Lac du Bonnet Ice Fishing Derby will assess your organization against these criteria, plus additional criteria, such as:

geographic distribution of the grants,
history of grant reports, target populations and evidence of need.
Applicants applying for funding may also be considered on the basis of their volunteer participation in the Lac du Bonnet Ice Fishing Derby for the current year.

1.    The project has a direct benefit to the residents of the Town & RM of Lac du Bonnet.

a)      Preference will be given to those projects that will provide the most good to the community.  The Lac du Bonnet Ice Fishing Derby is interested in projects that show these strengths for community benefit.

2.    The Lac du Bonnet Ice Fishing Derby uses these criteria to assess the potential grants, such as how the project or your group will:

a)      Fit the mission and mandate of your organization?

b)     Have some history and potential for success?

c)      Directly impacts a significant number of people or significant environmental area?

d)     Shows a direct link to a recognised need or priority in the Lac du Bonnet area?

e)      Has qualified staff expertise suited to implement the project and volunteers involved?

f)       Adds value to initiatives already in place or addresses a gap in services?

g)      Has an evaluation plan/strong data gathering methods for showing outputs or outcomes of the project?

h)     Disseminates outcomes to reach other audiences beyond your own organization?

Core Criteria

If your application does not meet these core criteria, then it does not qualify to receive funding.

1.    Eligible project costs may include:

a)      Materials, supplies, equipment

b)     Capital projects or renovations (preferred)

c)      Equipment or facility rentals

d)     Instructor Fees & Travel Expenses if required for the project implementation

e)      The project is occurring within the application year.

2.    Funding cannot be used for:

a)      Individual, family, political, professional activities or associations.

b)     Religious or sectarian organizations (except where they represent non-denominational community and social support services).

c)      Political advocacy or avocation purposes.

d)     A project is designed for the purpose of financial profit for the proponent.

e)      Capital campaigns for monuments.

f)       Deficit reduction and retroactive funding.

g)      Multi-year funding, although an organization can apply in subsequent years for the same project.

h)     Curricula for schools or universities.

i)       Fees for professional performers, guest artists.

j)       Sponsorships.

3.       Funding may be available for qualified projects within organisations already funded by government or with other sources of funding.

a)      Projects from groups that are already generally and adequately funded by government or other funding sources will be assessed on an individual project basis.

b)     Shows other funding sources besides the Lac du Bonnet Ice Fishing Derby potential grant?

c)      Shows value for money overall?


Please download and fill out our 2018 Grant Application. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact our General Manager at 204-213-0063