What are the Prizes?2019-10-16T12:57:02-05:00

Over $55,000 in cash and prizes to be given away.

Prizes 1 to 10 Based on Hidden length and time:

1st – $10,000, 2nd – $3,000, 3rd – $2,000, 4th – $1,500, 5th – $1,000, 6th to 10th – $500 each

11th to 65th – Random Draw Prize Item

K1 to K20 – Kids Random Prize Draw.

We will be updating our 2020 Prize list as the prize packages are put together. You can take a look at some of our past prize packages to get an idea of what we’ll have this year!

Longest Fish – T.B.A.

Prizes for the first 100 fish caught.

On Ice prizes that can be won by playing Mini-Games with our Emcee. Plus keep your eyes open for free give-aways.

$3,000 Cash Raffle.

Are there other events or activities planned surrounding this event?2019-09-17T14:34:46-05:00

An awards ceremony and random prize draws are held at the Community Hall (25 McArthur Ave) after the Derby. The doors open at 1:30 PM.

We’ll have random games and chances to win prizes throughout the event.

I did not receive my e-Ticket from my online purchase.2019-09-17T14:24:05-05:00

If you have not received your e-ticket, please contact us at 204-213-0063. We will verify your purchase and resend your e-ticket.

You can also contact us by filling out the contact form. The information we ask for will help us verify your ticket purchase and ensure that we get your e-Ticket reissued correctly.

    What groups are supported with funding from the Derby?2019-09-17T11:45:00-05:00

    Over the years a variety of groups have benefited from derby funding including groups such as The LDB Charitable Foundation, LDB Wildlife Association and Trout Ponds, Sno Pals, LDB Library, LDB Curling Club, LDB Community Centre, LDB Senior School Grad Fund, LDB Fire Department, Little Day Buddies Nursery School, Survivors Hope Crisis Centre, the Lions Club, Fire n’ Water Music Festival, LDB Ski Club, LDB Darts Club, LDB Trails Association, LDB Historical Society, Mrs. Lucci’s Resource Centre, LDB Blues Hockey Team, LDB Minor Hockey, LDB Youth Center, Trans Canada Trails Association, PAC Community Skating Rink, LDB Secondary and Centennial School, Winnipeg River Recreation District, Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee, Lee River Snow Riders, Manitou Rapids Arts Counsel, Winnipeg River Recreation District, Beausejour Cadets and other worthy causes.

    For our full list of community groups we have funded over the years, check our Past Grant Recipients list.

    We will also be providing two $1,000 post-secondary education bursary to deserving high school students.

    How much is given back to the community?2019-09-17T11:37:14-05:00
    The amount given back each year is dependent on the amount of profit from the derby. Over the past 13 years, $161,707 has been given back to the community through grants, bursaries, and Community Volunteer Hour payments.
    What is the purpose of the Lac du Bonnet Ice Fishing Derby?2019-09-17T11:35:06-05:00

    To provide a fun sportsmanlike ice fishing derby to raise funds to support community organizations, charitable organizations and charitable causes for Lac du Bonnet and the surrounding area.

    Where can I get more information?2019-09-17T11:33:25-05:00

    Call us directly at 204-213-0063

    Visit us on Facebook or check us out on Instagram

    Can I use live bait?2019-09-17T14:27:02-05:00


    Are Electronic Devices allowed?2019-09-17T14:26:36-05:00
    Electronic devices may be used at 8:30 a.m. for the determination of depth in selecting a hole, as well as during the Derby.
    Do I have to drill my own hole?2019-09-17T14:26:49-05:00

    Nope, we predrill all of the holes the morning of the derby. All you need to do is show up and fish.

    When I arrive at the Derby, where do I go?2019-09-17T11:14:21-05:00

    Our volunteer team works hard to ensure your arrival goes smoothly to get you on the ice as quickly as possible. When you arrive on the Derby site on the morning of the Derby you will choose one of three options depending on your ticket situation:

    Ticket in Hand

    If you have your Official, three-part Derby ticket you are ready to go on the ice, or get into the lineup if you arrive before 8:30. Ensure that the top portion of your ticket has been handed in to be entered to win the Randomly Selected Prizes and that your Jacket Tag (middle portion of your ticket) is pinned to your jacket. If you do not have a pin, officials on-ice will have these available for you.

    E-ticket from Online Purchase

    Please report to the Registration Tent anytime after 7:00 to exchange your E-ticket for your Official Derby Tickets. Once you have your Official Derby Tickets, you may enter the Derby Site or lineup if you arrive before 8:30 a.m. on the morning of the Derby.

    Need to Purchase Tickets

    Tickets are available in the Registration Tent starting at 7:00 a.m. and will be available for purchase until 11:30 a.m. on the morning of the Derby. Once you have your Official Derby Tickets, you may enter the Dery Site or lineup if you arrive before 8:30 a.m. on the morning of the Derby.

    What time can I get on the ice?2019-09-17T11:10:37-05:00

    Anglers are allowed entry onto the ice at 8:30 a.m. at which point they may choose and reserve a hole using the bucket tag. Fishing is not allowed until the start of the Derby at 10:30 a.m.

    What time does Registration open?2019-09-17T11:09:46-05:00

    The registration tent opens at 7:00 a.m.

    Where and when is the Derby?2019-09-17T11:08:42-05:00

    February 29, 2020, from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm at the Lac du Bonnet Town Dock, Park Ave. Participants are allowed on the ice at 8:30 am to reserve their holes with the use of their Bucket Tags.

    I purchased my ticket online, when do I get my Official Derby Tickets?2019-09-08T19:04:30-05:00

    Thank you for purchasing your Derby tickets online. Through email, you will have received an e-ticket, which is your proof of purchase.

    Your Official Derby Tickets will be available at the Registration Area in the Online Purchase Line.

    Please bring your e-ticket and exchange it for your Official Derby Ticket on the morning of the derby.

    Why does my ticket have three sections?2019-09-08T19:02:28-05:00

    Your official LDB ICE Derby ticket is a multi-part ticket. Please not that if you are purchasing your tickets online, you will receive an e-Ticket which you will then exchange for your official LDB ICE Derby ticket on the morning of the Derby.

    Part 1: The Top Portion

    The top portion of your ticket, which contains your name and contact details, should be handed in at the time of purchase or at the Derby site in the registration tent before the start of the Derby.

    This portion of the ticket is used for the Randomly Selected Prizes both on-ice and during the awards ceremony at the Community Cente. If you have not handed in this portion of your ticket, you will not be entered to win any of the Randomly Selected Prizes.

    Part 2: The Middle Section

    The middle portion of your ticket A.K.A. The Jacket Tag is used for verification of purchase and to identify those anglers who catch a fish.

    This portion of your ticket should be pinned to your jacket (pins are supplied at the derby).

    Fish Measurer Officials will need to see this portion of your ticket should you catch a fish.

    Part 3: The Bottom Section

    The bottom portion of your ticket A.K.A. The Bucket Tag is used to reserve your hole.

    Simply attach this portion of your ticket to your bucket or another item you can leave behind, to reserve your hole between 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. on the day of the Derby, or at any time during the Derby that you may need to leave your hole unattended.

    What is a second hole ticket?2019-09-08T18:12:25-05:00

    Adults and Children can double their chances to win by purchasing a 2nd Hole Ticket along with their Adult or Child Ticket.

    A 2nd Hole Ticket allows you to fish up to two holes at the Derby. The 2nd Hole ticket must be in the same name as an angler who has an Adult (Blue) or Child (Green) Ticket.

    Angler’s with two tickets can win more prizes. Your name would be entered into our randomly drawn prizes twice plus if you catch more than one fish for the Hidden Length and Time Cash Prizes, you could be eligible to win up to two cash prizes if your recorded lengths and times match.

    Where can I purchase tickets?2019-12-23T09:36:04-06:00

    You can order your tickets online through our LDB ICE Store

    Tickets will be available at these participating retail locations in November of 2019

    Lac du Bonnet

    Powerhouse Sports

    Drifter’s Bend

    CO-OP Gas Bar

    173 Minnewawa St


    CO-OP Gas Bar

    822 Park Ave


    The Fishin’ Hole

    1522 Regent Ave. W.

    LOTW Sports Headquarters

    10 Keenleyside ST.

    Winnipeg Ice Fishing Show

    November 9 & 10, 2019

    Manitoba Outdoors Show

    February 7, 8, & 9, 2020


    Smoke N’ Fish

    405 Main Street

    St. Andrews

    St. Andrews Parts & Power

    184 St. Andrews Rd.

    How much are tickets?2019-10-16T10:01:48-05:00

    Regular Price Entry Fees:

    $80 Adult
    $30 Child (age 15 and under)
    $30 Second Hole
    $220 Family Bundle – Includes 2 adults and 3 Child (age 15 or under) – Save $30 with the bundle

    Early Bird Entry Fees:

    Purchase your tickets on or before Feb 9, 2020, and save on entry fees.

    $60 Adult – Save $20
    $25 Child (age 15 and under) – Save $5
    $25 Second Hole – Save $5
    $175 Family Bundle – Includes 2 adults and 3 Child (age 15 or under) – Save $75 with the bundle

    DIAMOND SPONSORS ($4,000+)


    GOLD SPONSORS (1000+)