Your official LDB ICE Derby ticket is a multi-part ticket.

Part 1: The Top Portion

The top portion of your ticket, which contains your name and contact details, should be handed in at the time of purchase or at the Derby site in the registration area before the start of the Derby.

This portion of the ticket is used for the Randomly Drawn Prizes on-ice. If you have not handed in this portion of your ticket, you will not be entered to win any of the Randomly Drawn Prizes.

If you purchased your tickets online, you will not have this portion of the ticket, but Derby Officials will be generating an entry slip for you, so you will be entered into all the Randomly Drawn Prizes!

Part 2: The Bottom Section

The bottom portion of your ticket A.K.A. The Jacket Tag is used for verification of the purchase and to identify those anglers who catch a fish.

This portion of your ticket must be shown to enter the Derby Site and participate in the Derby. Don’t lose this portion of your ticket and make sure to keep it on you at all times (in your wallet, in your pocket, or pinned to your jacket if you wish).

Fish Measurer Officials will need to see this portion of your ticket should you catch a fish and Derby Officials will use this to verify any prizes you win.