Wow, that was one amazing Derby! With 1084 anglers fishing from 1229 holes the 2018 LDB Ice Fishing Derby was the best attended ever! Thank you to all who came out to share the day with us. We had tons of fun, and we hope you did too!

Congratulations to all of our Random Prize Winners. Not all of our winners were with us at the Community Centre. We will be making phone calls in the next couple of days to let you know if you have a prize to claim!

120 fish were caught at the derby, all of those fish were eligible to win the hidden length and time cash prizes.

And the Winners Are . . .

Early Bird Prize – Troy Hoffman

Last Fish Caught at 1:19 pm – Leon McLeod

Longest Fish – Paolum Dibroa 75cm

$3000 Cash Raffle – Heather Postnicks

Hidden Length and Time Winners

10th Place – Denise Marks 60cm at 10:35 am

9th Place – Colin Richards 74cm 1:14 pm

8th Place – Paolum Dibra 75cm at 11:11 am

7th Place – Dylan Enns 55cm at 10:33 am

6th Place – Eva Buhay 61cm at 11:57 am

5th Place – Rob Westwood 20cm at 11:20 am

4th Place – Cole Kyne 64cm at 11:41 am

3rd Place – Brent Charles 28cm at 11:28 am

2nd Place – Allison Bidinosti 24cm at 11:11 am

1st Place – Micheal Parenteau 63cm at 12:26 pm