The Lac du Bonnet Ice Fishing Derby is Manitoba’s largest charitable ice fishing derby and we’re still growing. Last year, with the support of our valued sponsors, 1,039 anglers and outdoors enthusiast took to the ice for their chance to win over $45,000 in cash and prizes.

We Support Our Community

The Lac du Bonnet Ice Fishing Derby is a non-profit organization with a primary goal and objective to raise funds for the community of Lac du Bonnet. Every year the profits from the Derby are used to:

  1. Pay local, non-profit organizational volunteers between $15 and $22 per man hour worked to support the organization that is nearest and dearest to them. We call these hours CVO hours and have contributed to many organizations such as The Beausejour Cadets, The Lac du Bonnet Legion Darts Association, The Fire and Water Music Festival, the Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association, the Lac du Bonnet Fire Department, and so many more.
  2. Disperse grant funding to local, non-profit organizations through a granting application process.
  3. Award graduating students of a Bursary to help with the costs of Post-secondary education.

Since it’s inception, the Derby Committee has injected $129,713 back into the community of Lac du Bonnet and surrounding areas.

Last year, LDB ICE returned $19,548 back into the community through numerous Grants, Bursaries, and CVO Hours. These injected funds helped bring some worthwhile projects to fruition. Here are just a few ways that our funding recipients put their funds to use:

  • The Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association used their grant funds to upgrade the fishing area at the Lac du Bonnet Trout Pounds.
  • The Lac du Bonnet Trails Association used their grant funds to make upgrades to Blueberry Rock, making the area more accessible to all.
  • The Eureka Group used their grant money to build a monument to J.D. McArthur, the founder of Lac du Bonnet, which will be housed at the Lac du Bonnet Museum.
  • The Destination Imagination and Travel Club students of the Lac du Bonnet Senior School used their C.V.O. Hours to travel and partake in wonderful learning experiences.
  • Two local students were awarded bursaries to help fund their first year of Post-secondary education.

Fun Facts About LDB ICE

  • In 11 years over $129,713 has been put back into the community.
  • In 2012 two anglers caught the same size fish at exactly the same time and split the $10,000 dollar first prize!
  • In 2014 the largest fish and the $10,000 first prize was won by the same guy!
  • Over 200 volunteers come together to help organize and run the event.
  • During the 2009 derby,  a record number of fish were caught, 164 in total!
  • The Derby holes are drilled primarily by the Beausejour Cadets. In 2017 a crew of 30 drilled 1412 holes in 52 minutes.