Every year, the Lac du Bonnet Ice Fishing Derby commits the proceeds of our event to help various local community organizations with a variety of projects. Through Granting Opportunities, Bursaries for local students and Community Volunteer Hours, we have injected $144,443 back into the community of Lac du Bonnet.

Last year, with the support of our valued sponsors, 1,089 anglers and outdoors enthusiast took to the ice for their chance to win over $45,000 in cash and prizes. The LdB Ice Fishing Derby returned $14,730 back into the community through numerous Grants, Bursaries, and Community Volunteer Organization Hours.

These injected funds helped bring some worthwhile projects to fruition. Here are just a few ways that our funding recipients put their funds to use:

  • The Lac du Bonnet Arena used their grant funds to upgrade the lighting at the Arena.
  • The Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association used their grant funds to upgrade the fishing area at the Lac du Bonnet Trout Pounds.
  • The Lac du Bonnet Trails Association used their grant funds to make upgrades to Blueberry Rock, making the area more accessible to all.
  • The Eureka Group used their grant money to build a monument to J.D. McArthur, the founder of Lac du Bonnet, which will be housed at the Lac du Bonnet Museum.
  • The Destination Imagination and Travel Club students of the Lac du Bonnet Senior School used their C.V.O. Hours to travel and partake in wonderful learning experiences.
  • Two local students were awarded bursaries to help fund their first year of Post-secondary education.

2019 Guideline Criteria

GRANTS: Non-profit organizations can apply for funding up to 90% of their total project costs, to a maximum of $10,000. Applicants must provide a minimum of 10% of the total project costs (i.e. if applying for a $5,000 grant, organizations must be able to contribute $500 in funding towards the project). A project completion report or project progress report must be submitted by December 31, 2019.

CORE CRITERIA: The Lac du Bonnet Ice Fishing Derby Grant supports Lac du Bonnet and area non-profit organizations in their efforts to build, create, support, and sustain thriving programs and facilities. In order to be eligible for funding, the following criteria must be met:

  • Operate as a non-profit organization in Lac du Bonnet
  • The project has a direct benefit to the residents of the Town and the RM of Lac du Bonnet and there is evidence of need.
  • The project has additional support from the community to complete the project in terms of other grants, volunteers, and/or in-kind services.
  • The organization has a history of post-grant reporting if they have applied for a Lac du Bonnet Ice FishingGrant in the past.

Although not required, preference may be given to projects that demonstrate the following:

  • The projects will provide the most good to the community.
  • The project is innovative and original (something new and unique for Lac du Bonnet).
  • The organization has participated as a volunteer in the Lac du Bonnet Ice Fishing Derby for the current year.

The Lac du Bonnet Ice Fishing Derby uses these criteria to assess the potential grants, such as how the project or your group:

  • Fits the mission and mandate of your organization.
  • Has a history and potential for success.
  • Directly impacts a significant number of people or significant environmental area.
  • Shows a direct link to a recognized need or priority in the Lac du Bonnet area.
  • Has qualified staff expertise suited to implement the project and volunteers involved.
  • Adds value to initiatives already in place or addresses a gap in services.
  • Has an evaluation plan/strong data gathering methods for showing outputs or outcomes of the project.


Please download and fill out our 2019 Grant Application. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact our General Manager at 204-213-0063


Past Grant Recipients

Over the years we have been able to disperse the proceeds of the Derby back into the community. Here are some of the projects that the Lac du Bonnet Ice Fishing Derby Committee has supported over the years.

$3,000 – LdB Slow Pitch – Development of the Ball Diamonds

$2,500 – Centennial School – Outdoor Education Centre

$ 500 – LdB Arena – Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

$3,400 – Eureka Group – Obstacle Course, McArthur Tain

$2,100 – LdB Trails Association – Blueberry Rock Trail Upgrades

$1,700 – Mrs. Lucci’s – Rational Family Therapy Program Development

$1,150 – LdB Wildlife Association – Trout Pound Upgrades

$1,650 – LdB Legion – Roof Repair

$2,550 – Beausejour Cadets – Classroom Development

$2,515 – LdB Wildlife Association – Outdoor Bathroom at the ponds

$2,000 – Outdoor play/learning area Construction

$1,935 – Winnieg River Rec – Summer Camp Programs

$5,000 – LdB Wildlife Association – Development of Blueberry Pond and Nature Trail

$3,500 – LdB Community Centre – Electronic Sign

$1,200 – LdB Library – Technology Upgrades

$1,000 – Winnipeg River Rec – Summer Camp Programs

$ 850 – LdB Curling Club – Tank for Storing Water

$ 500 – Eastman SnoPals – Groomer

$1,500 – Wildlife Association – Blueberry Rock Enhancements

$1,500 – LDB Lions Club – Leslie Park Improvement and Play Structures

$1,500 – LdB Community Centre – Electronic Sign

$1,000 – LdB Historical Society – Storage and Handling

$1,000 – LdB Library – Automatic Door Openers

$500 – Survivor’s Hope – Office Equipment

$500 – LdB Trails Association – McArthur Sidewalk Extension

$500 – Fire and Water Music Festival – Stage and Lighting Improvements

$2,000 – LdB Community Centre – Purchase of Stoves

$1505.25 – LdB Library – Equipment

$1,060 – LdB Curling Club – Facility Upgrades

$1,000 – Mrs. Lucci’s – Kitchen Upgrades

$3,000 – LdB Community Centre – Feasibility Study and Equipment Purchase

$2,000 – Fire and Water Music Festival – Mobile Stage

$1,000 – LdB Trails Association – Trail Upgrades

$750 – Survivors Hope Crisis Centre

$750 – Centennial Community Family Committee – Outdoor Rink

$750 – Winnipeg River Rec – Summer Camp Programs

$ 2,035.00  -Lac du Bonnet Community Centre

$ 1,000.00 – MHAC

$ 250.00 – Curling Club

$ 750.00 – Survivor’s Hope

$ 750.00 – Winnipeg River Recreation Districts

$ 250.00 – Lac du Bonnet Youth Centre

$ 1,500.00 – Survivor’s Hope

$ 704.00 – Lac du Bonnet Library

$ 1,040.00 – Lac du Bonnet Youth Centre

$ 5,000.00 – Lac du Bonnet Arena

$ 300.00 – Little Day Buddies Nursery

$ 500.00 – Survivor’s Hope

$ 500.00 – Lac du Bonnet Senior School

$ 500.00 – Lac du Bonnet Charitable Foundation

$ 500.00 – Winnipeg River Rec

$ 500.00 – Lac du Bonnet Curling Club

$ 500.00 Lac du Bonnet Arena

$ 500.00 Lac du Bonnet Library

$ 500.00 Manitou Rapids Arts Council

$ 500.00 LRSR

$ 2,000.00 Manitoba Historical Advisory Council

$ 1,000.00 Centennial School

$ 2,200.00 Lac du Bonnet Fire Department

$ 2,000.00 – Centennial School

$ 1,000.00 – Winnipeg River Rec

$ 500.00 – Historical Society

$ 2,000.00 – Lac du Bonnet Community Centre

$ 500.00 Little Day Buddies Nursery

$ 500.00 – Lac du Bonnet Curling Club

$ 500.00 Fire and Water Music Festival

Did you know we also pay our Volunteers?

Every year the Lac du Bonnet Ice Fishing Derby pays its volunteers Community Volunteer Organization Hours (CVO). These hours are for local non-profit organizations and are part of the way we reinvest the Derby profits back into our community.

2018 – $6,330.00

2017 – $7,548.00

2016 – $4,845.00

2015 – $6,578.00

2014 – $4,547.50

2013 – $4,233.00

2012 – $4,734.50

2011 – $3,961.00

2010 – $6,735.00